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Ancient Romans deemed that in wine, there is truth - „in vino veritas“. On our personalized wine tours, you will have the privilege to enjoy the drink of the gods, the origin of which is considered to be over 8000 years ago. The first grapevines in Serbia were planted in the 3rd century AD, while during the last few decades, the love towards winemaking is nurtured by many family wineries who transfer their dedication generation to generation.

Our wine tours are completely catered to your wishes, whether you only want to indulge in the drink of the gods, or also learn more about it - you are in the right place. Through the fields of the biographical vineyards, with historical stories and legends, we arrive to the wine cellar, at which you will indulge in the scent and taste of exceptional wine. In its authentic ambience, you will be welcomed by the cellar's host who will tell you his story.

We can promise you with confidence that our wine tours will end up one of your favorite memories.

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